Login to your Dashboard

  1. Go to the the home page of our website
  2. Click the button 'MANAGE YOUR WEBSITE'
  3. Type in your Site's URL (this was created during sign-up, get help) and then click Login
  4. You will be taken to your personal login page
  5. Enter your credentials and click LOG IN

Please note! If your Site's URL was typed incorrectly, our website will appear to reload and the login box will be closed.

TIP: if you have tried 2 times to log in but failed, please request a new password by clicking 'Lost your password?' below the login form.

Due to the amount of hack attempts Virtus receives each day, anyone appearing to have lost their credentials will be locked out until 24 hours have passed or the lock has been manually lifted by our Client Success Team.


Further help is available should you need it by submitting a support ticket.

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