I can't remember my login details, can you help?

Of course. Losing login details is more common than one might think. 

Can we get them for you? The short answer is no. Passwords are encrypted meaning only the owner of the Virtus account can get access. At MWS HQ, we can only access details if there has been a security breach on the platform.

Try these:

  1. The easiest way to access your login information is to find the Welcome Email that was sent from Client Support when your Virtus account was first created. If you haven't changed your password it will be present in there - simply copy and paste.
  2. Otherwise, you can create a new password by going to your login page and clicking on the 'Lost your password?' link. Click here if you need help locating your login page.

Did that help? If not please create a support ticket and a Client Success Angel will be more than happy to assist.

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